Why is the woven wrap considered "The king of baby carriers"?

The history of baby wraps is thousands of years old. In many cultures, babies were carried in scarves, aprons and other carriers. The wrap keeps the mother's hands free while maintaining close contact with the child, which is so important for the baby’s adaptation to the new world.

Erika Hoffman, mother of four, was the pioneer of modern babywearing, and she popularized baby wearing with woven wraps. She learned how to wrap the sling-style babywrap she brought from South America and carried her twins in it.

Erica was looking for a fabric that had the necessary elasticity and support, and would retain these qualities even after frequent washing, so, in 1972, she founded her sling company, Didymos. Babywearing in Germany at that time was a real innovation, but it quickly began to gain momentum.


Today, 45 years later, there are  hundreds of wrap manufacturers in different countries. Babywearing has gained popularity, and European and American moms have learned to appreciate the wisdom of centuries, enclosed in this strip of fabric.

Why are mothers so fond of babywearing, which atypical for the western world?

There are many reasons for this.

The wrap was designed especially for baby wearing. The fabric is very durable and long-lasting;  can hold up to 100 kg of weight and has a special feature: it stretches only diagonally, ensuring tight fit and provides spinal support.


In fact, this is the most versatile of all existing baby carriers. The wrap "grows" with the child, is suitable for wearing children of any age and weight, is usable by both parents, and can be the only carrier needed for the entire period of babywearing.

The wrap tightly fits the back of the child and provides support along the entire length of the child's spine and allows the baby’s spine to retain a c-curve.

When the baby grows up, the plasticity of the fabric of the sling allows him to straighten his back and return to the "C" position for rest and sleep with continuous support:


Moreover, the woven wrap is the optimal choice in terms of weight distribution on the wearer's back. Thanks to the type of weave, the wrap distributes the weight of the child evenly and uses all the parts of the mother’s back, including shoulders and waist.

Many mothers admit that wearing the same weight in other carriers is less comfortable.

The wrap allows you to carry even heavy children with comfort.


The variety of options for wrapping the babywrap allows everyone to find the most convenient way of babywearing. There are dozens of ways to carry baby in a wrap vertically, horizontally, in front, on the back and on the side.


The wrap is not only for  carrying the child, but also a fashion accessory for the mother, which she can combine with other items of clothing, such as: shoes, bags, etc., and looks stylish, modern and feminine at the same time.


Look at what moms write about using the wrap:

Elena: "Universal and versatile, suitable for a baby of almost any age and size, will carry in front, back, side, if necessary serve as a stole, a coverlet or a hammock, will be an element of the wardrobe and an ornament of the mother."

Victoria: "At first, when I had no real idea about wraps, I chose a wrap because it seemed to me the safest because there were no clasps and seams that could break up or break away, so the child  would not fall ☺; then I tried different things and fell in love with wraps for the beauty and good support. "

Lana: "They need to be mastered and tamed, and then  a new world opens up. It's so beautiful, magical, a few meters of cloth, from which you get a nest for a baby, or a convenient carry for a toddler." The wrap is feminine, a bit mysterious and very comfortable!”

Oksana: "Universal and beautiful at the same time, distributes the weight so both you and the child will be comfortable; it's also multifunctional (sling, plaid, diaper, hammock, swing, bedding, shawl, assistants in childbirth, etc.) And it HUGS in a way no other carrier can."

Katy: "Threading the wrap at some point became for me akin to meditation." The wrap is not only extremely comfortable, but also stunningly beautiful: folds, knots, finish, free tails ... "

Alona: "This wrap adjusts to you and your child, instead of you adjusting to it, and it is easily combined with any outfit. It's universal and can be threaded in many ways. It improves with time the more you wear it. The wrap can embody any fantasy - ring, finish, and threading. It is easy to store. If it's cold, then the wrap becomes into an elegant shawl."


Many beginners have fears that they will not manage threading the wrap. These fears are absolutely groundless. You only need to desire to learn babywearing.

In babywearing communities, there are mothers with physical limitations, but it doesn't prevent them from successfully wearing the wrap. If they can do it, you will be able to as well.


And, lastly, we want to note the features of the baby sling.

Buying the first wrap can infect you with a "sling-fever" - the desire to buy more and more.

Because a wrap is not just a carrier, it's a way of life, free and beautiful, in which you stand out from the crowd, and people are attracted to you.

We hope that you will also learn to love it the way moms around the world do.

Happy babywearing!