Welcome to the website Hibuki!

Everything started in 2008 when my oldest daughter was born.

I had to find a solution to the problem: how to satisfy my daughter’s necessities without affecting

my needs and my family lifestyle.

The solution has been found in a baby sling. It is a genius invention of ancient people that has been inherited by us.

I have tried all kinds of ergonomic baby carriers for the following five years.

That was a real journey into the word of slings full of new experiences and discoveries.

Thanks to my passion to slings I have learned photography since I wanted to capture every single

one of them in my family photo archive.

My daughters grew up, I have been selling my old slings and buying new ones, and eventually by 2013 I have thought of opening my own sling store and even manufactured my first two handloom woven wraps.

Today I am actively promoting baby carriers. It is important for me to popularize the idea of

babywearing in Israel as well as other countries to keep our children healthy and enhance

wellbeing of our families. I consider ergonomic baby slings our indispensable helpers.

I am very grateful to everyone who visited my website and truly believe there will be times when

every single child will be carried by hands of loved ones as much as he or she needs without

being called spoiled or cranky.

Wish you a happy parenthood!


Ira Aviv